Ape Wind is an experimental site. Our goal here is to foster a better relationship between musical acts and people who like to go see live music. We aim to do this by getting out there and scouring the streets for every act and allow them to be featured here. Now, to be brutally honest, some bands may receive a less than stellar review; sometimes in life certain things cannot be avoided. We do this so that people will be able to view all the acts in Columbus in a more concise way. We will try to be as critical as possible.

We don’t for a moment believe that we can be truly unbiased, but we strive to meet the highest echelon of journalistic integrity. We know that being a site based on content of an editorial nature makes this difficult, but rest assured each and every article posted here has been read and reviewed by an editing team and each fact checked as thoroughly as possible.

It is key in our endeavors to foster positive and negative feedback on all things we report on, however in everyone’s best interests we will not have an open forum for discussion. We believe that by picking the best, well written, concise, responses to our articles and posting those we can give the reader as many points of view as possible without having this become some sort of circus.

Managing Editor
– Salvatore Porchia