July 10, 2010 – After picking up a flyer at Pattycake Bakery, I was instantly anticipating attending Biggie Smalls 2010 at Junctionview Studios in Grandview. The event boasted big art and small art… and while some of the art was small in size the event truly produced something great for the music and arts scene in Columbus.

Going to a venue like Junctionview Studios is always fun – there’s something about industrial areas with warehouses that evoke a sense of intrigue and delight. It almost feels like you’re not supposed to be there, like there’s some sort of secret meeting with a private invite. Plus, the event was BYOB which practically feels dangerous and outlandish. Just like being a kid again.

The Little Professors

The soundtrack of the event began with The Little Professors, a band that generally produced noise backed with a simple drum line that was, at times, slightly catchy. During their set the bassist and guitarist swapped instruments a few times, which added a bit to their performance but didn’t contribute much to their music. The Little Professors sounded much like high school kids playing in their neighbor’s garage – not very good, but kind of fun.

Between bands I took a closer look at the artwork. While some of the art seemed crafty and slightly amateur, I started to feel the magic of the event. This show was supposed to showcase big art and small art, not just with respect to size — it was a presentation of both talent and creativity.

"It Just Keeps Coming" by Adam Brouillette.

The first piece to really get me excited was by Adam Brouillette titled, “It Just Keeps Coming.” This piece was 8 feet by 6 feet and absolutely bombarded me with instant joy and exhilaration. This was big art. I do believe I exclaimed, “Eeee!!” out loud upon seeing this painting, and I could feel the kid in me jumping up and down with delight.

"Stockade" by Jesse Mills.

Another object of largeness worth mentioning was a stockade by Jesse Mills. I love art that can be experienced and played with, and I watched as event-goers, young and old, positioned themselves within the stockade and took pictures. The piece was extremely comedic (painted a cutesy pink and blue) and received a lot of attention due to its placement in a large room near the performing bands.

The Woozies

The second band I stayed to hear was The Woozies. This was an interesting group that used cool bass lines topped with psychedelic guitar to create a retro kind of 60s vibe. The harmony between the male and female vocalists was reminiscent of the Mamas & the Papas when they were in tune and pretty unpleasant when not. All in all, though, a pretty fun band with some promise and talent.

In all fairness to the bands that played, Junctionview Studios is first and foremost a place to create and display artwork, not a live performance space. The band was set up in a hallway and was basically playing to a wall. I bet that both The Little Professors and The Woozies would sound much better in a location made for performances.

"Somnius Nex" by Ira Tecson.

Another memorable work of art included a piece titled “Somnius Nex” by Ira Tecson. This strange creature appeared to be beheaded and mounted to the wall. The animal reminded me of something one might see out of the movie Dark Crystal — something very Jim Henson inspired.

"Rollin' on the Rocks" by Patricia DeMaria.

And last, but not least, one of the only small pieces to really catch my eye was titled “Rollin’ on the Rocks” by Patricia DeMaria, which was a cute little bug of some sort on roller blades, drinking a martini. Pretty much sums up the night for me, and I rolled on out of Junctionview.

Overall, I never leave disappointed from Junctionview Studios. I saw some really cool artwork, got to hear some live music, ate some delicious cupcakes from Pattycake Bakery and hung out with some friends. If I had known it was BYOB, I would have brought some cans of Miller High Life (which seemed to be the beer of choice for many). The event was casual, fun and friendly – a lovely evening in Columbus.

Check out the studio, musicians and artists: